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Many of you know me as NeighborNed, demonstrating my sincere desire to bring our community together so that we can discuss our common issues and interests and come together as a community to craft practical and effective solutions that best serve our community as a whole.

Today, after having had the opportunity to acquaint myself with many of you, it has become clear that this dedication to public cohesiveness and inclusion needs to be advanced into our local government. Let's not forget, our government exists to serve us, not the other way around. We need them listening -- and hearing -- our concerns and ideas especially when responding to us and our needs...

Originally from South Miami, Florida, I made my home in Mary Esther, having fallen in love with the "Old Florida" feel and southern charm; a community steeped in American values, rich and diverse. community while serving as one of the first two SERE Instructors at Hurlburt Field, in the infancy of Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

Having lost my Father early on -- a man of minor Miami societal status, I was raised by my woefully under-prepared but always hard-working, loving, and pretty incredible Italian Catholic Mother, who was left to figure out how to manage money and raise three boys all while re-entering the workforce.


Marrying just out of high school, I became a Father at the unworldly age of 19. That unworldliness would soon come to an end as, in the interest of career pursuits and the well-being of my family, I followed in my Father's footsteps, joining the United States Air Force.


In Basic Training, I volunteered for and thrived in one of the most challenging career paths in any military service: SERE (Survival, under any circumstances, anywhere on the planet, Evasion, from the enemy, Resistance, to interrogation, indoctrination and torture and Escape, from captivity).

My background in SOF/SERE -- coupled with my desire to champion direct rational action, cultivate and craft common-sense solutions to the many issues facing all of us as citizens of Mary Esther, has led me to conclude that my abilities, training, and talent are best utilized serving you as Mayor of Mary Esther.


If ever there was a time when the average citizen might benefit from a genuine expert in recognizing and resisting psychological manipulation in government, which seems to be everywhere these days, it would be now.


I intend to meet as many of you as I can over the next few months leading up to the March 8th election. I believe that once we have a chance to talk; once I have had an opportunity to listen -- and hear -- your concerns regarding our community, you will feel confident in casting your ballot for your neighbor and next Mayor, Ned Stieglitz.


Biography / Who I Am...

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